ENERGY STAR for New Homes

Ask About ENERGY STAR New HomesTo earn the ENERGY STAR, a home must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making them 20–30% more efficient than standard homes. Homes achieve this level of performance through a combination of energy–efficient improvements, including:

Third Party Verification

To ensure that a home meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines, third–party verification by a certified HERS Rater (or equivalent) is required. This Rater works closely with the builder throughout the construction process to help determine the needed energy–saving equipment and construction techniques and conduct required on–site diagnostic testing and inspections to document that the home is eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR label.

4-Steps to Earn ENERGY STAR

Rater blower door testThere are four steps in a home earning the ENERGY STAR Certification.

  • Step 1: Builder Chooses to Partner with ENERGY STAR
  • Step 2: Builder Works with the Rater to Select Appropriate Energy–Efficient Home Features
  • Step 3: Builder Constructs Home and Rater Verifies Features and Performance
  • Step 4: Rater Qualifies the Home as ENERGY STAR and Issues an ENERGY STAR Label

Learn more about ENERGY STAR

To learn more about these steps and other benefits of an ENERGY STAR New Home, please visit the ENERGY STAR website