All Rating QA Providers are required to have a Policies and Procedures Manual. This manual is available to all of our Raters on the Rater Information Website.

Our company privacy policy can be found on our Privacy Policy page.

Support policies

We take pride in offering great customer support for our Raters and class attendees. Our policy is to reply within 2 business days to questions and support requests. For our Raters, the turn around policy for a HERS Rating certification and certificates is 5 business days, but we have an average turn around rate of 2 business days. There are, however, some exceptions to these policies:

Refund policy

Training class refunds are covered in our Training Class Refund Policy.

No Refunds for any service, including but not limited, all Rater/RFI fees, Annual Fees, Rating fees, any fees listed in the current Fee Scheduled as published on the Rater Information Website or any other fee charged.